Pattachitra is an age-old artistry that has been incepted from the state of Odisha. The
paintings are normally inspired by the great Hindu mythology. Pattachitra refers to the
painting of images on a special type of cloth. The images drawn on the cloth mostly
showcase the Hindu folklores of Lord Jagannath. It has been one of the crafts from Odisha
that has received worldwide acclamation.

Spread of knowledge

There was an era when a few limited artisans knew this art form and with time, it has been
very popular among youngsters belonging to creative backgrounds. This has been possible
because of the demand from various sectors and the keen interest in preserving this art form.

The transition from tradition to décor

This age-old art form has a lot to do with traditions. Since its inception, it has been following
the similar principle of using earthly elements and colors. In the times gone by, it was only
limited to images drawn on clothes. However, with the passage of time, it has now moved
ahead to be drawn on various home décor stuff.
In the current times, this art form is used for designing an assortment of items, including
hand painted décor, wall draperies, Indian home décor, greeting cards, bookmarks,
wooden Pattachitra coasters & many others.
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